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Your Clinic to Community Solution.

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Our Mission

CHP’s mission is to create, deliver, and sustain a supportive environment that ignites the Spirit, engages the Mind, and strengthens the Body for preventative health management.

about us core value

Core Values

Empower – Our team strives to empower individuals to achieve personal health goals through motivational interviewing and other coaching methods for the overall improvement of their physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing.


Support – Our team devotes time and effort in supporting individuals through physical therapy services, health coaching, and evidence-based programs, no matter where a person is in their health journey.


Educate – Our team is dedicated to improving the health literacy of individuals, their families, and the communities in which we live.


Transform – We give our clients the tools to reach their health goals and guide them on a journey to a sustainable transformation for better health and quality of life.


Integrity – Workplace integrity starts with honesty, respect and responsibility.  Following through with your work and being honorable with your actions creates sound moral and ethical principles at work.  We believe in servant leadership, in which we all join together to create a better community and raise one another to higher standards of care and motivation.

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