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Ignite the Spirit. Engage the Mind. Strengthen the body.


Our History

One of the most unique health and wellness models in America, the CHP team spent 8-years creating, developing and managing a community-based, medically-integrated cutting-edge program designed to achieve outstanding results for patients, clients, families and the community.

As the model for healthcare pivots toward stronger disease prevention, there is increasing interest in effective population-based prevention programs. Health care organizations are tasked with improving the quality of medical care and population health, while at the same time reducing health care costs. This mandate has been given in recognition of social and environmental factors that influence health beyond the traditional medical care environment. The desire to influence broader determinants of health has led health care organizations to form collaborative partnerships with municipal and community organizations.


This is the beginning of our story. Community Health Partners, LLC (CHP) is a community-based organization that focuses on a continuum of care across the spectrum of prevention.  CHP was founded in April 2017 after working for 8 years prior in the medical-based fitness industry.  One of the most unique health and wellness models in America, Trina Radske-Suchan and her staff spent 8-years creating, developing and managing a community-based, medically-integrated system. The original YMCA Healthy Living Center in Clive, Iowa received physician referrals from over 1100 providers around and outside the state and boasted over 20 different medical-based exercise and wellness programs.  Nearly half of this YMCA’s membership came on a physician referral.  This is where our experience, skills, and passion grew as we worked with thousands of individuals with health risk, chronic disease and functional impairments. We created a unique delivery of health coaching and a model for transitioning patients from clinical care to community living.


Trina and her staff are now offering this successful model to communities nationwide.  At the foundation, CHP works collaboratively with a variety of community partners and stakeholders committed to sharing resources, expertise and vision for a healthier community that is based on the idea of seamless integration between (a) clinical care, (b) community-based resources, and (c) self-management coaching and education.   This community-based, medically-integrated system is person-centered first, reinforced by a provider-driven referral network and supported by a team of allied health professionals, health coaches, fitness experts and community partners.  Health outcomes are measured, tracked, and reported through digital therapeutics technology to further support optimal health behavior change.  The result is a truly supportive environment that ignites the Spirit, engages the Mind, and strengthens the Body.


Community Health Partners, LLC takes population-based health care to the next level, impacting one person at a time, one community at a time.

about us our mission

Our Mission

CHP’s mission is to create, deliver, and sustain a supportive environment that ignites the Spirit, engages the Mind, and strengthens the Body for preventative health management.

about us core value

Core Values

Empower – Our team strives to empower individuals to achieve personal health goals through motivational interviewing and other coaching methods for the overall improvement of their physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing.


Support – Our team devotes time and effort in supporting individuals through physical therapy services, health coaching, and evidence-based programs, no matter where a person is in their health journey.


Educate – Our team is dedicated to improving the health literacy of individuals, their families, and the communities in which we live.


Transform – We give our clients the tools to reach their health goals and guide them on a journey to a sustainable transformation for better health and quality of life.


Integrity – Workplace integrity starts with honesty, respect and responsibility.  Following through with your work and being honorable with your actions creates sound moral and ethical principles at work.  We believe in servant leadership, in which we all join together to create a better community and raise one another to higher standards of care and motivation.

about us objective


  1. 1.  Engage groups and individuals across the continuum of care through primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention efforts.


2.  Provide health and wellness programs and services that promote evidence-based best practices for provision of person and family centered quality of care and outcomes.


3.  Promote the administration of comprehensive and high quality health assessment that identify clinical, social, and community needs.


4.  Create processes for clinic and community integration producing collaborative partnerships and team-based care that addresses chronic disease management and social determinants of health.

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