Why Choose Community Health Partners

We connect clinics to community.

Motion Therapy

CHP is proud to offer DARI Motion to all new and returning CHP patients. DARI Motion provides a fast, automated platform that will analyze your motion health data and provide accurate insights to help increase your body’s performance. Think of it as a diagnostic system that a mechanic would use ...

Walk with Ease Program

The Walk with Ease Program is designed to help you take action to ease arthritis symptoms and maintain your overall fitness and quality of life.  Click here to sign up or for more information about the program and how to get started.

Billing or Payments

Physical Therapy is a medical service that is reimbursed by health insurance. You can obtain benefit information by calling the customer service number provided on your insurance card or contact us if you have any further questions.

Physical & Aquatic Therapy

Community Health Partners provides outpatient physical and aquatic therapy services and we are dedicated to improving our patients’ quality of life.  All our therapy programs are designed with personalized wellness goals in mind.  Not only do we strive to return each patient safely and quickly to their previous level of function, ...

Injury Screen

One time meeting with a physical therapist to assess specific injury or problem. This meeting is free of charge and not billed to insurance. If you think someone may need the help of a physical therapist, refer them for a 30-minute free injury screen.

Fall Risk Screen

It is important to screen your risk for falling and prevent the chances of ever having to suffer the consequences of a fall.  For adults over the age of 65, it is important to screen your risk for falls annually. CHP offers complimentary fall risk screens.